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Berlin Mistress Anna Fatale is available : 15-16 Oct, 17 Oct midday, 28-29-30 Oct. Contact Mistress to book a session.

Welcome into the space of thrilling sensations of the elite Berlin Mistress, Dominatrix Anna Fatale. Come under My power, for the release of your fantasies, and for My self-indulgence.

I indulge in Domination sessions on some days of certain weeks, in the daytime. Every my session is individually planned. You should inquire about my availability before making your arrangements for Berlin, because my dates are not flexible. Sorry, those submissives who could not be granted my session.

I am the luxurious divine Mistress in Berlin. Tall – 182 cm or 6 ft’ (barefoot!) and elegant lady in my early 40s. Without false modesty, I am a stunningly beautiful Dominatrix. Lady who is utterly feminine and delicate, yet naturally Dominant, demanding and voluptuous. Erotic yet sophisticated. These qualities make me standout from many practicing Dominas. In short, I am an exclusive gem in the world of the prominent European Mistresses. Subs may apply to meet me and feel my luxury presence, sensate the treatments conducted by Me, breath My expensive perfume and hear the wonderful music of My voice. I may let you enjoy some kinky experience under my supervision.

Berlin Mistress Anna Dominatrix with a whip.

Berlin Mistress, Gorgeous Domina in Berlin for live sessions.

Experience with the Berlin Mistress

Whether you are an experienced sub (slave, fetish lover), meeting me, the elite Domina Anna Fatale, will help you fulfill your urge for that secret fantasy. Be thrilled again or for the first time, humiliated, or punished. Your individual fetish can be played safely and without a feeling of shame. It can be of any sort of arrangement in kink or BDSM style, from short fetish rituals to long intense sessions. A light playiful or a serious treatment. I can give you a series of sadistic games, strict training or verbal humiliation, whipping, or a kink role play. Based on our agreement, I can treat with a sensual Domination session. You may have a chance to worship my graceful foot of a sensual Goddess. You can apply for having a lunch with Me. Yes, I am a hedonistic Lady who likes to combine fine and fun things.

There is no virtual or mechanistic domination here, those you can find elsewhere. Also, I don’t participate in studios or agencies. I am an independent private Domme. So, your BDSM experience will be confidential. Take your chance to open your inner real self. Serve Me: sublime, high class, free-spirited, passionate, mysterious femme fatale.

Every practice and every form of interaction between the concerned adults in the BDSM-fetish sphere of activities of the Berlin Mistress, Dominatrix in Berlin Anna Fatale is CONSENSUAL.

Contact Berlin Mistress, High Class Domina Anna Fatale for booking a session.

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