Luxury Mistress

I have a good taste, and I’m an appreciator of finer things and quality. As a sublime lady and a feminine luxury Mistress, where the “luxury” bit represents my wonderful qualities, and not the amount of gold and diamonds I wear (although I do appreciate gemstones). I do enjoy being pampered. So if you open this page, that means for Me that you are an attentive slave, who hopes to bring his modest gift and show his appreciation, devotion and submission. If you want to contribute to My lifestyle and beauty, here you will find a few hints.


Now, in the pandemic times, distant serving becomes a pretty actual thing. Below you can find the answers to your questions about how to serve me in the practical way and put a smile on my face. I will appreciate both, the substantial tributes and nice little gifts.

Make a money gift:

*The best gift at this time period

Bring it yourself to the session, or meet me in the city and hand it to me. Or leave the envelope at your Hotel desk for Me (addressed for Anna). Or ask me how to send it if you are far.

 Pay for one of my beauty treatments:

(I will tell to your inquiry what I prefer)

Indulge me with the Afternoon Tea in the beautiful Adon (online gift voucher):

Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Adlon, for me to enjoy the ritual of the Afternoon tea in the luxury atmosphere.


***Permanent arrangements

will have to be discussed individually. If you dream to become my piggy bank and permanently serve and cater for My wants and needs, contact me.

If you are a successful and very generous sub:

Watches: Patek Philippe, Longines

Handbags: Celine, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen

Top class Mistress, tall elegant mature Mistress.

Buy me:

Perfume: something from non-mass market lines. As for the style, I like compositions which include jasmine, for instance.

Cuban cigars: hand-made Cuban cigars of ANY brand – better from the Limited Editions and Special Releases

Caviar – Iranian, Russian, German:

Beauty care products

Face or body care treatments (probably, the most desired gift. Don’t be lazy, go in the links or find the product in another place, and order) :


1. Cellcosmet Cellular Ultra Vital Light Emulsion

2. Cellcosmet Concentrated Cellular Day Cream

3. Cellcosmet Body Cream


Supremya Yeux


Luxury natural Furs

Ask me about the size

High quality Chocolate or other food delicacies

Lindt dark chocolate Truffles or Leysieffer dark chocolate Truffles

Alpine cheeses  ♥  Seafood (lobster, chatka crab, etc)  ♥  Cakes from KaDeWe store.


– Offer me your professional skills (e.g. as a photographer, webmaster, hair stylist etc), or serve as a courier/assistant.

– Sponsor my grocery shopping or goods shopping (accordingly to your possibilities).


Once you have chosen your gift from the recommended (or thought of another idea for a gift), write me a brief email about yourself and indicate what you are going to do for Me (or have done for Me).

Financial Mistress in Berlin, High Class Mistress, Luxury Mistress, Luxury Domina in Berlin.