Tall Beautiful Mistress in Berlin

Lean more about Berlin Mistress Anna Fatale if you are a slave looking for a session with a stunning Domina in Berlin. I am the genuine Venus in Furs – the embodiment of the sensually Dominant heroines of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Sensuous, cruel to my own extent, I don’t need to play false tricks in order to be the Lady of submissive knights’ dreams. I see men’s submission as foremost serving and doing for the sake of Me, sacrificing to my femininity. I never see my session as a routine (although there is a certain enjoyment in an inevitable routine in some types of play). I’m insightful at various fetish fantasies and rituals.

I am a lady in my forty, blessed with good appearance and beauty, thoroughbred brunette features, light vanilla-tone skin and pronounced sensual profile. My feminine, statuesque and imposing figure is tall – 182 cm or 6 ft. I have long graceful legs and arms. My skin is a pure silk. My lips are naturally plump, arched and sensual, eyes are intelligent, seductive and fatal. I have heard that my voice is the delightful voice of Siren. My soft and tender body demands only the best treatment and luxurious conditions. I was made for being served, adored and spoiled.

Perfect Mistress in Berlin for foot slaves, I conduct sessions of foot fetish, foot worship, trampling. I have graceful beautiful feet of size 41. For my foot fetish/trampling sessions I wear high quality footwear. Actually, I wear for BDSM scenarios any type of footwear, whatever is the fetish story I play out: open sandals, high-heeled or flats, heavy boots, home slippers, nylons, bare feet… My “uniformal” item of a Dominatrix, the high over-knee boots (I posses various models) were bought in the classy fashion stores (not in cheap masquerade transvestite shops), and they are right for worship play.

My feminine well-groomed hands just require to be worshiped. I wear gloves most of time, protecting my tender skin from Berlin weather.

**About the courteous manner of kissing hands (social). I should say I disapprove the symbolic way of doing it accepted in some European countries, I find it a disgusting fake. A genteleman should never fake that. I admire the traditional Russian way of doing it, the genuine courteousness, flamboyant and hearty.

Mistress in Berlin, High class Domina.

Mistress in Berlin – Aesthetics and Style

My dressing style is normally elegant and reasonably reserved, with a little touch of stylish sexiness, but I may be in casual as well, but always feminine. I like quality elegant footwear. My long nails and hands are immaculately groomed. I like my long hair put up in an elegant classic graphic tight bun, or pinned up slightly loose in the vintage style, or falling with beautiful wild waves.

For my sessions I may wear an accented-Dominant outfit such as a PVC catsuit & killer-heeled boots. Or a short leather skirt + high leather gloves and over-knee boots. Or, for instance, a suit jacket, tight trousers and reserved leather boots. Depending on the sub’s likes and my vision of the game, I may be wearing even a transparent negligee or even less, in order to accentuate your intimidated manliness and humbleness. I may wear spectacles (glasses), not only I look good in them, but they are a fetish item as well. I own a collection of sexy lingerie, furs. Also stockings and tights, body stockings, garter belts, various footwear. I love gloves, and have various pairs for various fetish play (leather, suede, textile, lace, PVC, latex).

Mistress in Berlin with her slave.

Being an adept of cultural exchange and savourer of pleasures, I accept applications for spending epicurean hedonistic time at private events. Also at business events, inspiring you for daring and succeeding, like a muse – wise, stimulating and demanding.

I will also accept polite applications from submissive and not very submissive but open-minded, polite, educated gentlemen who seek an extraordinary communication, or some kink, or a role-exchange with a lady worth to submit to. I firmly believe that temporary reincarnation is therapeutic and stimulating.

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